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Female Wicked High Notes (from Singing for Dummies)

on August 23, 2012

Female Wicked High Note Singing

By Pamelia S. Phillips

Have you ever heard a woman sing notes that sounded higher than any note on the piano? Those wicked high notes that females sing have several different names: flute register, bell register, flageolet, and whistle register. The term whistle is useful because in the beginning, you feel that the sounds are squealing out of your body like a whistling teakettle.

If you’re a really low female voice, your voice may not be able to make these sounds — the notes above High C may be just too high for you right now. That’s okay, because you have plenty of notes below High C to play with.

Singing in whistle feels as if the notes are turning over into a different register at the very top of head voice range — it feels out of control, really high and small, and you may feel the sensations on the top of your head. These notes may not feel big and strong, like chest voice or even middle voice.

It’s similar to what Mariah Carey did in her first few recordings. Not everyone can make those funky high sounds, but you can try if you want.


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