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Posture Checklist (from Singing for Dummies)

Posture Checklist for Better Singing

By Pamelia S. Phillips

Part of the Singing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The next time you watch a professional singer, observe the posture. Posture plays a large part in how well you sing. If you hunch over, your lungs can’t inflate fully; and if you fidget, you distract your audience — and yourself. Use the following list to correctly position yourself for singing:

  • Feet are hip-width apart with feet parallel.
  • Knees are unlocked with the weight evenly distributed on the three points of the feet — the tripod.
  • Spine is long and straight, from bottom to top.
  • Head is centered over shoulders; chin is parallel with the ground.
  • Shoulders are back but down and released.
  • Arms are hanging at your side.
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